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Living where other people holiday:

Luxury living on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea at highly affordable prices. Buying into top quality real estate with the potential for high returns on your investment. An opportunity not to be missed.

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Living outside the EU

Outside the European Union, just a short flight from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, lies Cyprus. When we first landed on the northern part of this magical island, we couldn’t help but fall instantly in love with it and all that the island has to offer; its  unique energy and tranquility, a serene way of life and a relaxed atmosphere, together with welcoming and friendly locals and open minded fellow expats.

In this earthly paradise, you will find exceptionally interesting investment opportunities with the potential for top returns. The price  of real estate in Northern Cyprus is much more affordable and attractive than in comparable Mediterranean locations. The abundance of unspoilt nature all around , the warmhearted people and the relaxed lifestyle complete the perfect picture.

Northern Cyprus, formerly a secret jewel in the Mediterranean crown, is slowly emerging , embracing all that it has to offer.

Forbes has rightfully named it the “best beachfront buy” worldwide. A safe secure haven to invest your capital, with returns that you could previously only dream of. (elsewhere).

Are you ready to embark on this adventure with us, living on this idyllic piece of land, whilst at the same time investing with the potential for an attractive return?

Northern Cyprus Blue zone Island
longer life expectancy Northern Cyprus food
a better quality of life at Northern Cyprus
healthy lifestyle at Northern Cyprus
better holistic health at Northern Cyprus
Healthy food Northern Cyprus

Why Northern Cyprus? 

Can you sense our boundless enthusiasm and are you now thinking, “ I want a part of that too”?

Many advantages have been mentioned, but here is a summary of why choosing Northern Cyprus has so much to offer you. And, last but not least, why we would love you to embark on this adventure with us.

Northern Cyprus

  • Is a true tax haven.
  • Offers excellent quality real estate along its coast line.
  • According to Forbes, it is ´the world’s best seafront buy´.
  • Highly affordable prices.
  • With unparalleled return potential.
We will find your dream home: Living & investment at Northern Cyprus
Investment & living at Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus offers

  • a unique tranquility
  • ​a safe living environment with extremely low crime rates
  • a Mediterranean climate with
    – 10 months of summer per year
    – 320 days of sunshine per year
  • low cost of living
  • ​a wide variety of leisure activities
    – Sports: golf, tennis, surfing, (mountain) hiking, diving, cycling,
    – Entertainment: bars, restaurants, mondaine beachclubs, galleries,
    vibrant nightlife
    – Shopping: exclusive boutiques and charming traditional local markets

Northern Cyprus offers 

A Blue Zone island

  • a unique and higher energy level, that is noticed upon arrival
  • ​nature combined with the cleanest air and the purest water
  • mountains and sea with beautiful deserted beaches, all within walking distance
  • better holistic health
  • ​a longer life expectancy
  • ​a better quality of life
  • everything to ensure a pleasant, and healthy lifestyle
  • ​unprocessed and organic foods as standard
  • many culinary highlights
  • a significant reduction in stress with high-quality, European standard medical care.
Invest in your Dream Home at Nothern Cyprus

Live the life of your dreams

The energy and magic of Northern Cyprus

Ancient History

In Northern Cyprus, ancient history has been preserved. With its palpable British past, you will stroll through winding alleys and feel like you are in another era. Loud entertainment and pushy waiters are conspicuous by their absence!  Even the traffic runs  at an astonishing relaxed pace!

Civilization, tranquility and cuisine

In this peaceful and civilised atmosphere, you will be lured by the enticing scents of divine cuisine; Snacks and meals prepared from organic products produced by the land, delighting your palate. Local wines waiting to be savoured and enjoyed.

Engulfed in magical energy, this area is a paradise for lovers of rugged nature, beautiful deserted beaches, and culinary delights.

Just Image…

As evening falls, lingering on your seaside terrace, enjoying local wine and the most beautiful sunsets, a daily spectacl; a clear blue sea within walking distance, a cloudless blue sky slowly turning orange.

Barefoot, you step into your garden for a fresh ORANGE, LEMON or POMMEGRANATE, sun-ripened and full of flavour straight from the tree. A feast for all your senses, a gift for your body, soul and mind.

This idyllic daily ritual doesn’t have to remain a dream.

Dreams can come true, we can help you make it happen. 

Live the life of your dreams

WE are here for YOU

  • To help you find the path to your own little piece of heaven on earth.
    Why not take an exploratory visit to the island and stay for FREE at one of our projects. We will take you to the places your heart desires.
  • To assist you in finding your dream home. Let us know what you are looking for. We can make it happen and assure you that you will receive our dedicated support in the search for your dream property.
  • To support you on the journey to achieving the best investment for your capital. We provide professional and reliable all-around advice and have valuable contacts. During the purchase, a lawyer will oversee the process, a customary and mandatory practice in Northern Cyprus. This is done to eliminate any risks  and ensure a smooth and secure transaction.
  • We have a highly recommended team of professionals for all the services required during and after your purchase and an excellent and reliable follow up service going forward.
    As a buyer, no questions you might have will go unanswered, you can be sure of that.

Relax and enjoy this new adventure. You are in good hands.
YOUR future in Northern Cyprus is OUR concern.

unspoiled beach Northern Cyprus
unspoiled nature Northern Cyprus
unspoiled beach

Live the life of your dreams

Who we are

We are Deniz, Nadine and Corina, three Dutchies spreading our wings. Unrestricted by place or time. We sought adventure and found our ideal destination. The unspoiled nature and breathtaking beauty of Northern Cyprus, as well as the beautiful beach clubs and vibrant nightlife, filled us with intense happiness and a feeling of wellbeing

‘Our hearts are here, this is where we want to live and work.’

Encouraged by an unprecedented flow of energy, our passion for real estate and interior architecture flourished here. Northern Cyprus set us on the path of an entrepreneurial dream, which organically became a reality. Bringing like minded people, with the same passions together, in this little piece of heaven on earth, became our mission.

On one hand, a simple and healthy lifestyle immersed in nature with a Mediterranean rhythm, (not sure about the rhythm bit! Perhaps vibe if that’s what you mean?)

and on the other hand, the luxury of affordable and stylish living, combined with a cosmopolitan beach life. Northern Cyprus’ Blue Zone climate offers everything for a high quality of life.

Discover Northern Cyprus