Along the entire north coast of Cyprus, you will find highly stylish apartment complexes. Most of these complexes are designed as luxury resorts, offering all the facilities your heart may wish for.

No high-rise construction in Northern-Cyprus

Government regulations ensure that there is no high-rise construction here. With a maximum of two floors, you can enjoy unobstructed views of green mountains, a blue sea, and magical sunsets. Since only 35% of each plot of land is allowed to be occupied by buildings, every resort offers marvellous landscaped gardens in a subtropical style. There is plenty of space for those who want to find a permanent retreat amidst the scents of Mediterranean gardens. The combination of rocky formations and numerous intimate coves makes the coastline a true paradise.

Best property developers in Northern-Cyprus

To find the perfect place for you, we work as real estate brokers in collaboration with the best property developers in Northern Cyprus. They are all well established  on the island.

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